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Southern Pacific
Otis McGee Oakland
HO SP Shasta Division http://www.spshastaroute.com/
Scenery: 40-50% 22 x 53 plus adjacent dispatcher office
Armstrong Mushroom with helix NCE DCC
Not handicapped accessible 1953
This double decked, mushroom style, layout is a model of SP's storied Shasta Division from Redding, CA to Klamath Falls, OR located in a purpose-built 1,200 sq ft loft in the Oakland Hills overlooking San Francisco Bay. The Shasta Division is the last large layout designed by the late and legendary John Armstrong. Operations follow the prototype using a modified 1952 prototype timetable & train orders and CTC. The layout is faithful to the prototype. Car forwarding is by car card and waybills. Trackside maps document the switching areas, and train briefs are provided.

The original John Armstrong design was modified in significant respects, largely to achieve operational goals. For example, sidings and spurs were added or modified to add to operational interest. Some track work was eliminated to create more interesting, and lengthy, runs between modeled towns. Most significantly, the capacity of the designed hidden staging yards at Redding and Klamath Falls were increased from 4 to 7 tracks. Additional staging tracks were added at Weed and lengthened from 8' to nearly 20'. And, additional tracks were installed at the visible lower Dunsmuir yard.

Track is ME rail on CVP tie strips with hand laid turnouts. All mainline track, nearly 400 feet, is installed. Train control is via wireless NCE DCC. The layout is fully signaled from Redding to Black Butte(the CTC section). Computer interface is accomplished using C/MRI hardware and JMRI software. The tone of the layout is casual but purposeful.

The Shasta Division is 40% sceniced with painted backdrops from Redding to Dorris. Many key structures are in place or mocked up, giving the modeled scenes a sense of place For example, the Dunsmuir engine facility and City structures are nearly complete and in place.

The layout accommodates 16 operators including a yard crew of 3, two dispatchers (one CTC and one TT & TO, two TO Operators, and road crews.)

The SP Shasta Division is featured in the April 2005 Model Railroader and Great Model Railroads 2011.

Op Session on Wednesday July 6 1500East Bay104 miles, 2 hours
L402 EAST BAY HALF TRACK Wednesday, 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
AL14 Northeast Bay Saturday, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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