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July 3 to 9, 2011 - Sacramento, California
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Mystic Mountain Railroad
Ray Turner San Jose
G Freelance http://www.mysticmountainarts.com/MMRR/
Scenery: complete 100' x 80' 1200'
Garden, dual-oval switch list Radio
Average house (1-2 steps) early 1900's
A back country shortline loosely set in the early 1900's consisting of 1200' of code 250 Nickel Silver track. The railroad can be run as a single large loop or two smaller loops, with several passing sidings, two small yards, six spurs, a wye and a reversing loop for turning trains, and many tunnels and bridges. The Mountain Division runs over rugged mountains and deep canyons, necessitating many steel bridges, tunnels, and a large, complex helix. A scratch built turntable/roundhouse is located at the North End yard in the Mountain Division. Trains can also be run point-to-point between the two yards. Trains are track and battery-powered, radio controlled using Train Engineer, and Revolution with SoundTraxx sound systems. Realistic train operations can be run for added interest. One unique feature is the use of concrete rock wall castings painted with artist acrylics. A panoramic view of Silicon Valley serves as a natural backdrop to the railroad. Several trains can be operated simultaneously point-to-point or continuously over rugged mountains and through deep canyons (concrete rock castings painted with acrylics). The most recent additions are the Acme manufacturing plant ("Everything for the wily coyote") and the wharf and Mercury Cannery at North End yard. A separate whimsical fairy garden runs a Fairy Train.
SAL11 Southwest Bay (self-guided) Saturday, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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