2011 NMRA National Convention
July 3 to 9, 2011 - Sacramento, California
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SAL21 Northwest Bay (self-guided)
Sunday All Day July 3 $0.00 Dep 9:00 AM Ret 2:00 PM
This self-guided tour includes a variety of layouts on the San Francisco peninsula open for touring the morning of Sunday July 3. These layouts are generally open a little earlier than the layouts of self-guided tour SAL22, so you may be able to pick and choose among them as you make your way to Sacramento.
N Jim Bainbridge Livingstone, CA
11' x 14' L-shaped Scenery: 90% Digitrax DCC with Railroad & Co Automation Not handicapped accessible
A modern N scale layout representing a small piece of central California between Stockton and Fresno. This is a freelanced "L" shaped layout that has been built using Kato Unitrack and with completed scenery and structures representing modern America. There is a single mainline with operation opportunities and two staging areas with four tracks each. The layout is fully automated using Digitrax DCC hardware and Railroad & Co. software.
N Mike Blumensaadt Santa Alicia, Harrytown and Pacific Railroad
36ft. X 3-4 ft. with 3ft. X 4ft. peninsula Scenery: 85% DCC No hazards X2011W Facebook Gallery">X2011W Facebook Gallery
The layout is set in western United States depicting the steam to diesel transition era of 1948-1960. Mike's main interest is the streamlined passenger trains of the SP, UP, ATSF and WP. The layout is a freelanced design, with continuous running capability. There is a small yard at one end and a staging and passenger yard at the other end with engine servicing facilities on the peninsula near the passenger yard. The track height is 44 to 55 inches and scenery is 85% complete. Mike's layout is featured in the May 2011 issue of Model Railroader.
O Bob Dupont Tall Pine TImber Co
17' x 19' Scenery: 100% Not handicapped accessible
A 17' x 19' fully sceniced O and On3 layout operated by the San Mateo O Gaugers. 30 car O scale freight trains are not uncommon. Lots of super-detailed work trains and circus trains appear. Featured in Railroad Model Craftsman, Model Railroader, NG&SL Gazette, O Scale News, O Scale Railroading, NMRA Bulletin, Coast Dispatcher, PCR Branchline, and Great Model Railroads. Bob started railroading in 1956, started this layout in 1976, has held many NMRA offices, including national President and chaired 2 National Conventions.
On3 Frank Markovich Twain Harte Sonora Pass RR
16' by 20' Scenery: 100% DCC - all sound Average house (1-2 steps) http://www.frankmarkovich.com/Twain%20Harte%20Sonora%20Pass.htm
Layout represents what a logging line might have looked like in the Twain Harte area. Based loosely on the West Side Lumber and Pickering Lumber Companies. But also some inspiration from Mich Cal, Empire State Logging, and other logging companies in the Sierra's near Sonora, CA.

Scenery is complete. Featured in Nov/Dec 2010 Gazette. Also check out Frank's blog about the railroad.

HO Jack McCloskey Colma Pacific RR
24' x 8' Scenery: 99% Complete NCE DCC Average house (1-2 steps)
The Colma Pacific RR was designed and built as a freelanced railfaning layout so I could watch my trainsrun while working at my desk. Measuring 24ft long and 8ft at the widest, the double track folded dogbone loop allows continuous running of two trains, while also allowing a single train to operate on the branch line which serves the a lumber camp and the mine. Era is variable, from 1930s in one area, to 1980s in another. The layout is 99% complete. Enter through the wide gate to the left of the garage. The layout is in the building behind the house.
HO Rich Melconian Santa Fe
Scenery: 70% complete Not handicapped accessible
Rich Melconian's HO layout models the contemporary Santa Fe and also has some steam and Chief passenger trains. The single track mainline and sidings are laid with code 83 rail and #8 switches. The sidings can accommodate trains consisting of twenty five 50 foot freight cars. The two yards have code 70 rail and #6 switches. There are numerous industries with sidings using code 70 and 55 rail. The layout landscape reflects the foothills of California with the mainline elevating to a mountain crossing and descending to a valley area. The scenery is about 70% complete.
G Richard Murray Greenhills Railroad
30' x 50' Scenery: Complete Live Steam No hazards
This live steam layout is situated in a lushly landscaped 35 year old semi-Japanese garden. There are about 200 varieties of plants. The 425' of track go over 14 detailed bridges and through 5' tall mountains. The two waterfalls and Koi pond were designed and built by Jack Verducci. Photos of the layout have appeared frequently in Garden Railways.
N John & Cindy Petrovitz SP and State Belt
13 x 23 Scenery: 90% DC Accessibility unknown/not entered
The SP and State Belt railroads run along San Francisco's waterfront around the walls of the room. The central peninsula has the NWP with Petaluma, Tiburon and Healdsburg on one side and the Eel River canyon on the other. In San Francisco, Market St has a cable car and the Ferry Building is busy receiving passengers from the PCC's. The State Belt runs along the Embarcadero below Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower. The SP at 3rd and Townsend receives the Daylight and Lark plus many commuters. The WP and AT&SF have limited trackage as well. Scenery is about 90% complete on the mid 50's to early 60's layout.
O George Solimine Southern Pacific
20'x24' shelf Scenery: 99% complete No hazards
This is a shelf layout around the perimeter of a 20'x24' garage. Scenery is currently about 50% complete. George models the late steam/early diesel era, and various SP steam engines and a few "Black Widow" diesels are featured. The curves are 60" radius. The garage is shared by several old automobiles -- another hobby George enjoys. Check out George's beautifully re-detailed, great running Max Gray AC-9.

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