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July 3 to 9, 2011 - Sacramento, California
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SAL02 On the way to the Bay (self-guided)
Friday Afternoon July 1 $0.00 Dep 12:00 PM Ret 5:00 PM
This self-guided tour includes several layouts that are open for touring on your way to Newark for the Advance Section
HO standard guage Charlie Bedard Agassiz Basin Railway
16' x 24' Scenery: 0% Digitrax DCC No hazards
The Agassiz Basin is a proto freelanced bridge railroad in HO scale based upon Canadian National practices of the late 1950's at the very end of the steam era. It is set in summer 1959 when the last steam engines ran in Western Canada. I grew up watching the last of the steam locomotives as I walked to and from school and wanted to capture that memory in model form.

The layout room is 16x24 in my (rare for California) basement. It is a twice around the room design where the track passes through each scene twice. Once as a focal scene and a second time as background or mostly hidden trackage. The "twice around" design allows lots of running time between towns and a mainline of about 225' point to point. There are 2 staging yards. One represents North/South (Winnipeg/Thompson) off layout traffic and the other East/West (Swan River/Saskatoon). Operations is my main interest and the layout is intended to run according to the practices of the late 50's in Canada which is Time Table and Train Orders.

The layout is still very early in its construction. I used CAD to design both the layout and the benchwork. The benchwork is complete and is all made out of 3/4" birch plywood ripped to dimensional sizes. Both staging yards are on "sliders" that allow me to lower the yards 18" down for maintenance or repairs. Track laying has begun and trains are beginning to roll ;-). The layout is controlled using Digitrax DCC.

If you are looking for a beautifully scenicked, fully operating railroad, this is not your place to stop! But if you are interested in the design approach I used, the unusual staging yard design, or other aspects of construction or design, I'd enjoy sharing my experiences with you!

HO Chuck Catania Chittenden, Pajaro and Coyote Railroad
21' x 13' Scenery: 5% Digitrax DCC, C/MRI layout control, custom software Average house (1-2 steps) http://www.cpcrr.org
Models the Southern Pacific Coast Division, Watsonville to San Jose. Bench work is open frame construction with 1/2" plywood sub-roadbed, Atlas Code 83 track on cork roadbed. Tortoise switch machines operate DCC friendly turnouts. Fascia mounted panels, with signaling, provide walk around train and route management using C/MRI hardware and custom software. Digitrax radio throttles are used for locomotive control only. An electrically interlocked swing gate provides access to the center of the layout. Dave Biondi painted the backdrop, which depicts the west foothills along the SP mainline from Coyote to Morgan Hill. Mainline is operational.
G Dave Hartwig Hilary Logging, Lumber & Oil Co
Accessibility unknown/not entered
This railroad has grown -- it now has a service yard as well as a logging camp for its lumber jacks. There are wonderful water features and a well-designed mill pond and more. A point-to-point elevated section has two bridges and a section of trestles. If you haven't got a lot of room, this is a magnificent example of what can be accomplished in a small space.
G Gary Knoth L & G R R (Lucas and Grandpa Railroad)
43' x 62' Scenery: garden Radio controlled track power No hazards
The railroad is built on a raised area surrounded by wooden retaining walls and is fully accessabile for wheelchairs. The layout was started in 2008 and is complete.

The landscaping is maturing nicely. There is a lake fed by a waterfall with an exiting waterfull that empties into a stream which passes under a trestle and a bridge. There are multiple bridges over a dry stream and an 18' long curved trestle.

Two tracks pass through a 6' x 12' storage shed which has a six track yard and multiple shelves for train storage. The power supplies and receivers for train control are also located in the shed.

There are three town areas (Western Town, Castle Town and Lucasville) which are all served by the mainline railroad as well as a trolley line.

HO SVL Club Silicon Valley Lines
72'x23' Scenery: 50% NCE DCC No hazards http://www.siliconvalleylines.com
Founded in 1979, Silicon Valley Lines (SVL) is a freelance HO Scale Model Railroad Club located in San Jose, California. Construction of the current layout began in late 2000 and is located in the basement of an industrial building near downtown San Jose. The railroad occupies a 23' x 72' space, and is a multi-level design built using commercial steel C-channel as a benchwork system with over 600 feet of mainline. The upper level is a single-track division, while much of the lower level is double tracked. The layout features two large operating yards, as a well as ample hidden, yet accessible staging.

We operate using NCE DCC, and utilize Direct Traffic Control (DTC) operating rules.

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