2011 NMRA National Convention
July 3 to 9, 2011 - Sacramento, California
The Unconventional Convention

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Thursday Afternoon July 7 $20.00 Dep 1:00 PM Ret 5:00 PM
This tour visits four layouts close to the Convention Center in Sacramento and Elk Grove, immediately south of Sacramento. At under four hours it is a perfect tour for balancing a high quality and diversity of layout styles without spending a lot of time away from the convention center.
HO Bill Burg Sacramento Northern Beltline
11 X 24 Scenery: 30% DC Average house (1-2 steps)
Bill's Sacramento Belt Line portrays Sacramento Northern Railway's industrial belt line within the city of Sacramento, California, during the period of 1953-1965, set in the high summer peak harvest/canning season. Operation focuses on industrial switching and interchange between multiple Class I railroads (Southern Pacific and Western Pacific), using a modified "wheel report" operation scheme. Scenery is urban/suburban, running between heavy industrial areas and tree-lined residential neighborhoods. Industries are primarily agricultural processing (canning, almonds, dairy, lumber milling, grain milling) and interchange between railroads, warehouses, trucks and riverboats/barges. Motive power consists of small diesel-electric switching locomotives operating on city streets and tight curves, formerly electric interurban right-of-way. The railroad is freight-only, aside from occasional chartered fan trips. Scale is HO, standard gauge, set up as a point-to-point shelf layout that will eventually circle the room entirely.
1/12 scale Matt Mason American River Navigation & Railway
120 X 140 Scenery: 100% Steam and on-board battery No hazards
The American River Navigation and Railway is a home railroad that is 1" scale, or 1/12 size. It is a rideable railroad that performs work for Matt moving firewood, landscape materials, and of course his two boys. The 4 3/4" gauge track winds from the front yard to the back with many sidings. A branch-line goes over to the neighbor's yard (a relative) and skirts the pool to a fruit-packing shed where fresh oranges are loaded in the winter. The layout is laid out roughly like a self-type switching layout, except folded over on itself twice. The railroad uses battery-powered GP9's, freelance 4-wheeled switchers, and steam locomotives to switch the 430' long railroad. You are also welcome to visit the railroad's machine shop where repairs are done and new locomotives built. An article on the layout was published in the Summer 2006 issue of The Home Railway Journal.
HO Robert Hoffman Santa Fe Hereford Sub
22 X 18 Scenery: 30% Digitrax Average house (1-2 steps)
The layout represents the 104 mile Hereford Subdivision of the Santa Fe from Clovis, NM to Amarillo, TX in 1983. The layout features one active junction as well as interchange with the Burlington Northern at Amarillo and was designed with prototype operations in mind. The primary commodities transported include; TOFC, automobiles, grain, and manufactured goods. Scenery is specifically patterned after the prototype where possible. An article on this layout appeared in the January 2011 Railroad Model Craftsman.
HO Greg Austin Chicago, Ohio & Eastern
12 x 19 Scenery: 20% DCC Several steps and/or duck-under(s)
Greg's layout depicts a Mid-western railroad and is being modeled in the 1948 to 1955 steam to diesel transition period. The layout is designed to support up to 4 trains running simultaneously and signaling of the layout is underway. One of the scenic features is a 10 foot wide valley with steel bridges and wood trestle work spanning it with a maximum height of 150 scale feet.

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