2011 NMRA National Convention
July 3 to 9, 2011 - Sacramento, California
The Unconventional Convention

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L406 ROCKLIN ROCKET Click to Order
Wednesday July 6 $20.00 Dep 1:00 PM Ret 7:00 PM
A six layout tour with a wide range of geographies and unique features that is enhanced by the proximity to the convention center and minimal travel time.
HO Dave Houston Southern Pacific Rocklin Sub
55 X 14 Scenery: 100% Digitrax DCC Not handicapped accessible
This fully sceniced "Rocklin Subdivision" layout features a double deck design with reverse loop staging yards at both ends. Soundtraxx Tsunami sound decoders fill the room with realistic prime movers and SP light packages. The layout was designed both for operations and long passenger trains. The impressive passenger terminal is home to many western name trains. Focuses on the transition era. Dave's layout was featured in NMRA Magazine December 2010.
HO Hugo Solano Southwest RR - a Division of the Santa Fe
11 X 20 Scenery: 60% Both analog and digital Not handicapped accessible
This HO layout features three main functions for viewers to see; passenger train service and operations, logging and milling representation, and lumber and mining operations. Lumber Mill Company is named "Falling Timber Lumber Co." The mine name is "Cash Mine Operations". The owner and modeler's motto is: 'The Unlimited possibilities of a free lancing layout and limitless use of imagination to recreate Real Life.' Both analog and digital. Special "bonus feature" in the backyard.
G Sandy Wilson Wilson's Trains
50 X 30 Analog No hazards
This G Scale layout has several draw and lift bridges running throughout the interior of Sandy's home. Computerized automation control is run from a laptop and routes are forwarded and digitally choreographed. Computer controlled speed by detecting analog voltage through I/O cards. Runs from staging in family room down the hallway, through the kitchen, and back into staging. Is a must-see for modelers interested in electronic train forwarding.
HO Mark Brown Southern Pacific Third & Townsend
16 X 10 Scenery: 40% Digitrax DCC No hazards
The Southern Pacific Third and Townsend St. Depot located in San Francisco has been replicated by award-winning SP Prototype Modeler Mark Brown. Mark has replicated the depot, platform tracks, and the Fourth Street tower in his garage. The diorama is almost to scale and features custom double slip switches and crossovers to match SP prototype. All structures built so far are completely scratch built.
On30 Scott Robertson Never Done and Always Changing
16 X 18 Scenery: 80% Digitrax DCC Several steps and/or duck-under(s)
Scott's freelanced "Never Done and Always Changing" railroad moves freight, passengers and various commodities from the mountains to the sea. His layout includes fully detailed mountain scenery, small towns, and a port city, with emphasis on scenery and structures. Lots of details and mini-scenes are worked in around the layout. Simple loop track plan using code 100 PECO On30 track. Scott was featured in the Nov-Dec 2010 Narrow Gauge Gazette and the 2011 On30 Annual.
HO Errol Spangler Oregon Railway and Navigation
30 X 15 Scenery: 100% NCE DCC Average house (1-2 steps) oscaller@aol.com
This is an HO scale layout that centers in The Dalles, Oregon running both East and West from that point. It is a single track railroad with passing sidings. All trains running from The Dalles wind their way into the hidden staging area located directly under the yard at The Dalles. While not specifically sceniced for the prototype, place names are taken from the area modeled. Industries along the way include a large lumber mill with its own railroad climbing into the forest, an oil refinery, a rock quarry, and a rail barge load out. Most scenes are highly detailed and extra care has been put into making sure most structures are lit and have interior detail such as the saw mill and log pond. Errol's layout focuses on the transition era.

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