2011 NMRA National Convention
July 3 to 9, 2011 - Sacramento, California
The Unconventional Convention

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L402 EAST BAY HALF TRACK Click to Order
Wednesday All Day July 6 $85.00 Dep 7:30 AM Ret 5:00 PM
There are two tours into the East Bay from Sacramento in addition to the layout visit opportunities from the Advance Section. In keeping with the Advance Section philosophy of smaller more intimate tours, both use 24 passenger buses once in the Bay Area.

L301 uses Amtrak both directions and L402 arrives in Fremont by bus from Sacramento and returns on Amtrak. Three layouts, Kermit Paul, Jack Burgess and Jim Dias are the same both days. L301 stays in the San Ramon Valley visiting Dave Connery, Bob Osborn and Bob Wirthlin. L402 goes into the Oakland hills to visit Otis McGee, Chuck Oraftik and Andy Schnur.

Both tours will allow for on-your-own luch breaks in locations with multiple eating options.

HO Jack Burgess MMR Yosemite Valley RR
20 x 20 Scenery: 100% NCE DCC Several steps and/or duck-under(s) http://www.yosemitevalleyrr.com
Jack's layout replicates the prototype Yosemite Valley Railroad circa August 1939 via a multi-deck design. The scenery, scenes, vegetation, and details on the layout all match the prototype. All seven of the YV's prototype locomotive roster circa 1939 are modeled. The rolling stock is a combination of scratchbuilt, resin and styrene kit models and the models reflect the types and ownership of freight cars which might have been on the railroad in the time period being modeled. All 100+ buildings on the layout are scratchbuilt from plans based on photos and available information.

Jack's Yosemite Valley Railroad has been featured in numerous articles in Model Railroader, Railroad Model Craftsman, Model Railroad Hobbiset and Great Model Railroads, most recently in the January 2010 edition of Railroad Model Craftsman.

HO Jim Dias Western Pacific
16 x 20 Scenery: 100% NCE DCC Several steps and/or duck-under(s)
A beautiful re-creation in HO scale of the Western Pacific RR in the Spring of 1938. The area of the WP modeled is along the Feather River including the Keddie Wye and a small logging area. The fidelity to prototype of the scenery has been praised by old WP employees, who readily recognize the scenes. An interesting touch is the many sound modules included in the many detailed scenes. The layout has been featured in Railroad Model Craftsman June 1996, July 2000, March 2011, Railmodel Journal May 2000, Model Railroader Sept. 2001 and Model Railroad Hobbyist May-June 2010
HO Otis McGee Southern Pacific
22 x 53 plus adjacent dispatcher office Scenery: 40-50% NCE DCC Not handicapped accessible http://www.spshastaroute.com/
This double decked, mushroom style, layout is a model of SP's storied Shasta Division from Redding, CA to Klamath Falls, OR located in a purpose-built 1,200 sq ft loft in the Oakland Hills overlooking San Francisco Bay. The Shasta Division is the last large layout designed by the late and legendary John Armstrong. Operations follow the prototype using a modified 1952 prototype timetable & train orders and CTC. The layout is faithful to the prototype. Car forwarding is by car card and waybills. Trackside maps document the switching areas, and train briefs are provided.

The original John Armstrong design was modified in significant respects, largely to achieve operational goals. For example, sidings and spurs were added or modified to add to operational interest. Some track work was eliminated to create more interesting, and lengthy, runs between modeled towns. Most significantly, the capacity of the designed hidden staging yards at Redding and Klamath Falls were increased from 4 to 7 tracks. Additional staging tracks were added at Weed and lengthened from 8' to nearly 20'. And, additional tracks were installed at the visible lower Dunsmuir yard.

Track is ME rail on CVP tie strips with hand laid turnouts. All mainline track, nearly 400 feet, is installed. Train control is via wireless NCE DCC. The layout is fully signaled from Redding to Black Butte(the CTC section). Computer interface is accomplished using C/MRI hardware and JMRI software. The tone of the layout is casual but purposeful.

The Shasta Division is 40% sceniced with painted backdrops from Redding to Dorris. Many key structures are in place or mocked up, giving the modeled scenes a sense of place For example, the Dunsmuir engine facility and City structures are nearly complete and in place.

The layout accommodates 16 operators including a yard crew of 3, two dispatchers (one CTC and one TT & TO, two TO Operators, and road crews.)

The SP Shasta Division is featured in the April 2005 Model Railroader and Great Model Railroads 2011.

HO Chuck Oraftik New York Central
16 X 24 Scenery: 20% Analog Several steps and/or duck-under(s)
Chuck's representation of the New York Central in Eastern New York and Western Massachusetts in June in the early 1950's. Passenger and freight and steam and diesel all run in this transition era. Scenery is a balance of 80% heavily detailed and mostly kit-bashed Urban Pittsfied with the remainder of the layout about 20% detailed. In the midst of scenery building, Chuck is converting from Analog to NCE DCC for control.

Although New York Central may seem out of place for a California layout, it represents the owner's childhood memories and his early modeling as a member of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Model Railroad Society in Albany, NY.

HO and G Kermit Paul MMR Lone Pine & Tonopah
27 X 44 Scenery: 100% Progressive cab control No hazards
The Lone Pine and Tonopah is an imaginary railroad operating during WWII. Motive power of steam and early diesels run on a single track mainline with reverse loops at both ends and there is a logging branch line.

Kermit is the master of animation and lighting effects which have been featured in the October 1999 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman, and March 2011 Model Railroad Hobbyist. Some of his animation and lighting features include ballroom dancers, a fireworks display scrap metal loading and logs dumping into a millpond.

Kermit also has a Museum of Technology and a Garden Railway for visitors to enjoy while waiting their turn in line for the HO layout.

HO Andy Schnur C&O Alleghany Subdivision
22' x 48' Scenery: 90% DCC Average house (1-2 steps)
Main line extends from Alleghany, Virginia to Prince, West Virginia with staging representing Clifton Forge, VA and Handley, WVA. There is a branch line off the main at Prince leading to the town of Raleigh, WVA with three coal mines to work and some industries in the town of Raleigh. Mainline industries include a large power plant, limestone quarry, produce distibuter, lumber mill, lumber yard, and coal dealer. Most online towns have a freight station to work. 5 passenger trains operate during a session as well. Operating sessions, when I have them, last 5 hours with a meal break in the middle.

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