2011 NMRA National Convention
July 3 to 9, 2011 - Sacramento, California
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Tuesday All Day July 5 $40.00 Dep 9:00 AM Ret 4:00 PM
This tour by 24 passenger bus will visit four layouts in the Auburn to Nevada City corridor.
HO Phil Gulley Union Pacific & Summit County RR
30 x 48 Scenery: 75% NCE Average house (1-2 steps)
The Union Pacific and Summit County is multi deck HO scale layout in a 30'x48' purpose-built building. Currently only the Summit County Railroad portion is operational and occupies roughly 30% of the space. The Summit County is a proto-freelance railroad based on the UP's Park City branch, hauling coal, ore and livestock. It connects to Union Pacific's double track transcontinental mainline at Echo. The yet-to-be-built portion models Ogden and the Weber and Echo Canyon portions of UP's trackage. The operating system is TT&TO with telephones for communication. The sound equipped, primarily steam engine roster is controlled with an NCE Radio DCC system. Freight is forwarded with a CC&WB system and all turnouts are Tortoise controlled. Scenery is underway and with a 75% completion goal by the convention.
O Gordon Briggs Timbercreek Railroad
24 x 36 Scenery: 100% Analog Not handicapped accessible
The freelanced Timbercreek Railroad is a branch line off the Southern Pacific RR at Truckee, CA from the East end of the Truckee yard. The SP is only visible at Truckee, the rest of the SP is under the layout as the staging area. The rest of the layout is the Timber Creek Railroad which is the main emphasis, and takes up the whole inside of the building less the Truckee area. Also included is an On3 logging operation that starts at Truckee, CA and ends up in Timber Creek. The railroad includes the towns of Timber Creek, Moss Ridge, and Grizzly Flats. The entire "O-Scale" layout is built to Proto 48 standards. All locomotives and rolling stock have had the wheels changed to Proto Craft wheel sets and/or machined in house by Gordon.
On3 Nevada County Narrow Gauge Historical Model RR Nevada County Narrow Gauge
24 X 60 Scenery: 100% NCE DCC No hazards www.ncngmodelrailroad.org
With the support of the Nevada County Fair Board a group of Nevada County Narrow Gauge enthusiasts formed the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Historical Model Railroad in 1983 and renovated an unused building at the County Fairgrounds. This endeavor was assisted by material and monetary contributions from local businesses and in 1985 the railroad was opened to the public. Today the railroad features an onboard wireless mini-camera to provide visitors a passenger eye view of riding the narrow gauge train thru the woodlands of the Nevada County on one of three TV screens placed around the layout.
N Kent Williams Oregon, Washington Navigation & Railway
10 x 24 Scenery: 90% Digitrax DCC Several steps and/or duck-under(s) http://ownry.squarespace.com/
The OWNRy (Oregon, Washington Navigation & Railway) is a protolanced N scale layout based in Pacific Northwest. With Portland, Oregon as the major division point, 5 major Class 1 railroads intersected both freight and passenger traffic.

The Union Pacific, delivers freight and passengers to and from Portland and the east coast via La Grande, Oregon. The SP&S (jointly run by both GN and NP) runs from Spokane through Pasco, WA, then along the North Bank to Portland. The Southern Pacific serves as a conduit from Portland to California. Pool traffic runs from Seattle and Tacoma to Portland. The OWNRy also operates a fictional branchline from Yakima and Walla Walla and Lyons Ferry to Pasco, Washington for interchange. 3 yards classify freight for destinations.

CTC is used for track authority on the mainlines with Digitrax DCC for engine control along with car cards and waybills for freight forwarding. It also features several class one passenger trains, including City of Portland, the Daylight, Empire Builder and Northcoast Limited. The trackwork is complete, with scenery about 90% complete.

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