2011 NMRA National Convention
July 3 to 9, 2011 - Sacramento, California
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L301 EAST BAY BY RAIL Click to Order
Tuesday All Day July 5 $85.00 Dep 7:00 AM Ret 5:00 PM
There are two tours into the East Bay from Sacramento in addition to the layout visit opportunities from the Advance Section. In keeping with the Advance Section philosophy of smaller more intimate tours, both use 24 passenger buses once in the Bay Area.

L301 uses Amtrak both directions and L402 arrives in Fremont by bus from Sacramento and returns on Amtrak. Three layouts, Kermit Paul, Jack Burgess and Jim Dias are the same both days. L301 stays in the San Ramon Valley visiting Dave Connery, Bob Osborn and Bob Wirthlin. L402 goes into the Oakland hills to visit Otis McGee, Chuck Oraftik and Andy Schnur.

Both tours will allow for on-your-own lunch breaks in locations with multiple eating options.

HO and G Kermit Paul MMR Lone Pine & Tonopah
27 X 44 Scenery: 100% Progressive cab control No hazards
The Lone Pine and Tonopah is an imaginary railroad operating during WWII. Motive power of steam and early diesels run on a single track mainline with reverse loops at both ends and there is a logging branch line.

Kermit is the master of animation and lighting effects which have been featured in the October 1999 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman, and March 2011 Model Railroad Hobbyist. Some of his animation and lighting features include ballroom dancers, a fireworks display scrap metal loading and logs dumping into a millpond.

Kermit also has a Museum of Technology and a Garden Railway for visitors to enjoy while waiting their turn in line for the HO layout.

HO Bob Wirthlin MMR Midland Rockies and Western
10 X 13 Scenery: 95% DC block control Several steps and/or duck-under(s)
This layout is a free-lanced, HO scale set in about 1939, with steam and early diesel locomotives.The track is in a twisted figure-8 pattern, with passing sidings, and a turntable and engine facilities at either end. Overall shape is a "G". The entry from the room door is to a 30" wide aisle. Layout is built of 1"x2" L-girders, on legs at 49" high, with code 83 nickel silver flex-track on Tru-Scale wood rail bed, and grades of 1-2%. Power is DC, with block operating system and signal lights. There are tunnels with entry to hidden tracks. The scenery is over 95% complete, with prairie, mountain, high desert features, and there are mechanical and light animations. Many of the models have won awards.
HO Fn3 Dave Connery Sierra Carson & Truckee(HO) South West Side Lumber Company(Fn3)
10 x 17 HO and 50 X 40 Garden Scenery: 100% NCE for HO and Radio Control for Fn3 Several steps and/or duck-under(s)
Dave has two layouts, an Fn3 Garden Railway in his back yard and an HO layout in a room in his garage.

HO - In a room created in a one car garage space. Era is 1929. Lower level is Sierra Railway and upper level is Virginia & Truckee. Levels connected with helixes. Includes appearances of West Side Lumber Co and Carson & Colorado (HOn3). Numerous scratch-built prototype structures along with kit and bashed scenes.

Fn3 - Relaxing garden setting features an 8' waterfall, scale models of the Bourland and Little Reynolds Creek Bridges (Trestles), scale plantings and numerous scratch built and craftsman kits of rolling stock used on the West Side in the 1920's - 1930's. Motive power is Bachmann geared locomotives re-worked to better replicate specific West Side equipment.

His layouts have been featured in Railroad Model Craftsman in May 2000 and Model Railroader in May 2004.

HO Bob Osborn Chicago & Mackinac Railroad
20' X 22' (two car garage) Scenery: 70% DCC - EasyDCC Wireless Several steps and/or duck-under(s) http://www.cmrailroad.com
C&M purchased the old GR&I line from the PRR and has turned it into a somewhat profitable railroad. Runs from Grand Rapids to Mackinaw City, with staging in Fort Wayne. Interchanges with the Soo Line via the RR Ferry at Mackinaw City.

Dispatcher controlled 300' single track mainline with passing sidings. Several towns on the line offer lots of local switching. Mainline through freight and passenger trains keep the local crews on their toes.

Operates using wireless EasyDCC. Car forwarding is CC&WB. Verbal communication with DS via FRS radios. Fast clock & timetable for passenger trains. Basic scenery about 70% complete, but many more details needed. Full crew around 10 operators.

HO Jack Burgess MMR Yosemite Valley RR
20 x 20 Scenery: 100% NCE DCC Several steps and/or duck-under(s) http://www.yosemitevalleyrr.com
Jack's layout replicates the prototype Yosemite Valley Railroad circa August 1939 via a multi-deck design. The scenery, scenes, vegetation, and details on the layout all match the prototype. All seven of the YV's prototype locomotive roster circa 1939 are modeled. The rolling stock is a combination of scratchbuilt, resin and styrene kit models and the models reflect the types and ownership of freight cars which might have been on the railroad in the time period being modeled. All 100+ buildings on the layout are scratchbuilt from plans based on photos and available information.

Jack's Yosemite Valley Railroad has been featured in numerous articles in Model Railroader, Railroad Model Craftsman, Model Railroad Hobbiset and Great Model Railroads, most recently in the January 2010 edition of Railroad Model Craftsman.

HO Jim Dias Western Pacific
16 x 20 Scenery: 100% NCE DCC Several steps and/or duck-under(s)
A beautiful re-creation in HO scale of the Western Pacific RR in the Spring of 1938. The area of the WP modeled is along the Feather River including the Keddie Wye and a small logging area. The fidelity to prototype of the scenery has been praised by old WP employees, who readily recognize the scenes. An interesting touch is the many sound modules included in the many detailed scenes. The layout has been featured in Railroad Model Craftsman June 1996, July 2000, March 2011, Railmodel Journal May 2000, Model Railroader Sept. 2001 and Model Railroad Hobbyist May-June 2010

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