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July 3 to 9, 2011 - Sacramento, California
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AL11 Southwest Bay Click to Order
Saturday Morning July 2 $30.00 Dep 8:00 AM Ret 12:00 PM
San Jose - Los Altos. There is also a self-guided tour to these layouts and more, see SAL11.

Advance Section registration is required to attend any of the Advance Section events.

1/4" = 1 ft (On3) Dave Adams D&RGW Durlin Branch
17ft X 27ft Scenery: 90%+ DCC (Easy DCC, radio throttles, Soundraxx DSD and Tsunami sound) Average house (1-2 steps)
The Durlin Branch is a free-lance mountain branch line of the narrow gauge D&RGW fourth division hauling general freight, coal, ore concentrates, livestock and passengers. The branch ties into the San Juan Extension at Chama NM, with Durango CO to the west and Alamosa CO to the east represented by staging. The Durlin branch climbs a steady 3.8% grade through Cresco and Toltec Tunnel up to Carrumba where the line splits. One line continues on to Fritz Park, then descends a 4% grade through Resin Creek to Durlin. The other branch serves a large coal mine (stolen from the D&RGW third division) at Flint. Steam locomotives rule with operations augmented by water tank, coal tower, ashpit, stock chute sounds and/or animation. Featured in Model Railroader May 2000, The Finescale Railroader 2003 Narrow Gauge Annual, and Model Railroad Hobbyist April 2011.
HO Rick Fortin ATSF Coast Lines, Fourth District, Valley Division
1240 sq ft, 30ft x 49ft Scenery: 30% Wireless NCE DCC Average house (1-2 steps)
HO Scale proto-freelanced extension of the Santa Fe in the early 1970's from the San Francisco Bay Area to Portland; modeled portion runs from the Central Valley town of Chico to McCloud just south of Mt. Shasta in a purpose-built 30' x 49'room. Double deck point to point, mainline 85% complete with approx. 550 feet of track in place, permanent track is all hand laid. 30% sceniced. Dispatcher; interlocking tower; large yard with two switch crews and yardmaster/hostler; small yard with a full time switcher; heavy duty freight with some passenger; local switching; branchline. Wireless NCE DCC; FRS radios; Track Warrants; car cards and waybills. 46"duck under to enter layout during session.
HO Seth Neumann Union Pacific in Niles Canyon
12' x 35' Scenery: 70% NCE DCC Radio Average house (1-2 steps) http://www.bayrails.com/layouts2.php?m=neumann
The layout is set in the East Bay Area in 1999. The railroad represents the former Western Pacific San Jose and 1st Subdivisions, now the UP Niles, Oakland and Milpitas Subdivisions. The railroad is a branchline which supports an Auto plant (NUMMI) and a number of smaller industries.

Dispatching is by TCS (using CATS) which replicates a Digicon console. All signals are repeated on color lite signals above the layout. A unique feature of the layout is that there is no yardmaster, only a clerk. This is because the prototype Milpitas Yard has no permanent switcher. The clerk is responsible for managing the yard and the neighboring NUMMI complex, writing switch lists to instruct the crews where to place cars. All crews do their own work when passing through the yard. We expect the layout to be 70% sceniced by AS X2011W.

HO David Parks Cumberland West
1200 Sq Ft Scenery: 30% Digitrax DCC, Tower controlled interlocking section, telephones Several steps and/or duck-under(s) http://www.bayrails.com/layouts2.php?m=parks
Western Maryland and B&O railroads run side by side in western Maryland and northern West Virginia. Both railroads have major junctions in Cumberland and interchange traffic at several points. The B&O has Color Position Light signals controlled by five towers with touch-screen CTC panels.

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